Arc 1 - Episode #109


General Summary

This episode begins with the party scattered. Malchus at the Filigreed Fawn, Diana roaming the streets of Brightport and the rest at House Dragonkeep. The group is soon reunited as they all attempt to find Diana and track her to the docks sitting near two mutilated bodies. They all head back to Dragonkeep to talk to Tessia while David arranges for food and drinks. Malchus has a chat with Tessia about the family and Diana has a private conversation with her as well. The party decides it may be best to rest at the house for a few days while Diana researches her past and they meet a new companion, a Lionfolk names Sisun Afefe.


Notable Kills

Locations Visited


  • The Grimnas family patriarch may or may not be Stu Grimnas, only time will tell if this is true.
  • Sisun is introduced in this episode.

Player Characters

Release date: 21 Apr 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
21 Apr 2015