Arc 1 - Episode #105


General Summary

After the fight in the cave, the group quickly checks on the kidnapped woman and find out her name is Jessica. They discuss what their next step will be while Jessica runs back to Aubrey.

Sora and Eryn want to go find find the woman they were following and try to help and everyone else begrudgingly agrees. The group backtracks to the other cave and finds Alexandra facing off against a large Half-Orc vampire lord who quickly kills the second hostage and begins to feed.

Everyone takes a step back but Ingrid moves in and hits him with lightning allowing Alexandra to land a blow on him. Sora misses her shots and Eliwrath moves into melee range as Coal shape shifts and runs for cover.

Eryn, believing they are outclassed by the vampire lord tells the rest of the party they should leave and exits the cave. Eliwrath grabs the vampire by the head and breaks his neck, which seemingly has no effect as he snaps it back in to place while Coal flees the cave as well.

As the fight begins to look bleak and the party starts to escape, a bright blast lights up the cave as Briahna enters the fray by blasting the Half-Orc in the chest. Brie yells for everyone to get to safety and the rest of the party escapes as she Decimates the cave entrance, blocking the vampire inside.

Brie, Alexandra and the party make their way back to town and rest for the night. In the morning they gather to discuss what has happened and what is next for the group


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Release date: 17 Mar 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
17 Mar 2015