Arc 1 - Episode #103


General Summary

The group continues on their way to Durnhollow following the baby dragon attack and make it safely to town. They meet Laren and drop off the building supplies and decide to look around town for a while. Coal and Ingrid go into the Honest Harlot to have a drink while the others wander the street. Coal and Ingrid meet Eva, who greets them and offers them a drink as they enter. They try to figure out why there were dragons along their path and have a drink.

A white raven descends from the sky directly to Eryn, scaring Hunter the rat and is carrying a message from Brie asking them to meet her in Aubrey. Evelynn enters the Harlot and tells Coal and Ingrid about the bird and going to Aubrey. They finish their drinks and everyone meets outside. As night time nears, they decide to stay in town for the night and head out in the morning.

On the way to Aubrey. they are surrounded and attacked by dire wolves which seriously tests their combat abilities.


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Release date: 02 Mar 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
02 Mar 2015