Arc 1 - Episode #101


General Summary

Following Episode 100, Vallus has just read the letter from Jadzia and in a panic they start searching through her things for a clue to where she may have gone. Una looks through Jadzia's journal and finds a potential answer while Marrek discovers that Amarah is missing.

Having some idea where Jadzia is headed, they quickly go to Graddik's shop to grab mountaineering gear and whatever else they can find that they might need, much to Graddik's dismay.

Jadzia arrives at the tomb high in the mountains and as she walks down the long hallway the torches along the way light themselves and illuminate the hall with an eerie green light. She finds her way to a set of large double doors and hesitates for just a moment before attempting to open them.

The rest of the party prepares to use the rune of teleportation that Tessia gave them and soon find themselves in Highmantle Forest. After helping Marrek out from under a fallen tree they make their way towards the mountain and begin to climb.

Jadzia summons Valnor and begins to bargain with him to trade all of the souls in her helm to get her own back.

The rest of the party, motivated by Una finally reaches the tomb and upon entering are attacked by three undead cyclops. Una tells Vallus to find Jadzia while the rest of the group easily dispatch the tomb's guardians.

They sprint down the hall and find Vallus frozen in the doorway to the room staring at Jadzia's prone body laying on the floor of the room. Una and Marrek run in to check on her and after a moment her eyes snap open as everyone tries to heal and comfort her.


Notable Kills

Locations Visited

  • Brightport
  • Highmantle Forest
  • The Blistering Peaks

Player Characters

Release date: 21 Feb 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
21 Feb 2015