Arc 1 - Episode #090

You Can't Go Home Again

General Summary

The party makes it back to Fairbay and are welcomed as heroes.

Khoury buys a few whole boar for Snickers and Layla decides to stay in down to help train some folks to help them guard the town a little better and agrees to meet them later in Odysia.

The group meets Braylon the bard in the tavern while they discuss their plans and hesitantly invite him to join them. While he is explaining his skills, the group hears the sound of metal scraping metal as Acteronis limps into town and collapses near the party.

Braylon revives him with a song and Aralove gives some insight about Acteronis, telling everyone that he must be a revenant. The gang finally leaves Fairbay with bags of food from Naza and a meal for Snickers. As they near Esterholt they find an exodus of people and inquire what has happened.

Inside the town, the group makes their way to a weaponsmith run by an arrogant man named Yoste. Acteronis upgrades to a new glaive by trading some silver arrows for it and once again they get on the road to Odysia. On the road Khoury hunts for food for Snickers and at a point are passed by a group of shady looking men riding hard in the same direction.

After their long journey, the group finally crests a hill allowing Daegon to set eyes on Odysia for the first time in 70 years. What he sees stuns him: Straad's corpse, Cecil's gang assaulting Briahna, Odysia in ruins. He asks the group to move in to help the girl and they ride in to the rescue. As the thugs start to fall, Cecil attempts to flee but is grabbed by Brie and everyone pauses as a squishy 'pop' is heard and Cecil falls dead. They let Jeremy and the rest of the thugs run off and help Brie to her feet.

Briahna asks for help putting Una on a horse which Khoury does. Acteronis tries to talk Brie out of attempting to resurrect Una, but casts Gentle Repose just the same giving Brie some extra time to get to Esterholt.


Notable Kills

  • Cecil, killed by Briahna

Locations Visited


Acteronis' recent death transformed him from a Cavalier to a cleric

Player Characters

Release date: 17 Nov 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
17 Nov 2014