Arc 1 - Episode #085

The Talk

General Summary

Daegon and Khoury slowly walk away from the remnants of their group and continue to Fairbay with little being said along the way.

Once they arrive, they find a tavern called The Tipsy Pig, where a cheery Tiefling named Naza gets them a bottle to share and some glasses.

The duo, not known for their alcoholic indulgence begins to drink and talk about what has happened and what they can do next.

They both recount stories from their pasts that have placed them where they now sit and together, they decide that they will regroup and find new companions and travel to Odysia to continue Daegon's search for the missing Eladrin.


Notable Kills

Locations Visited


This episode is 30 minutes of fantastic roleplay by both James and Jamie, revealing essential background story for both of their characters.

Player Characters

Release date: 20 Oct 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
20 Oct 2014
Transcript of Episode: Arc 1, Episode 85 Transcript