Arc 1 - Episode #063

Dedicated To Those Who Have Fallen

General Summary

This episode opens with all of the Warforged dying and Ironhide, through Jadzia learning that he has about 8 days to live. The collected armies charge across the field to the human members of the Overwatch army who are unprepared to fight and to make matters worse for them, the gates of Winterhaven open and Ian and his troops burst forth and ride to crush the remnants of the Overwatch. Ian rides to the group and is chastised by Una and others for being a coward and the argument nearly comes to blows before it is defused by Duncan.

Everyone goes back to town and splits into two factions. Duncan, Yenward, Thoril and Brie go find Talia, while Una, Ironhide, Fie, Jadzia and Vallus go to find Ellanan Duskwalker. Thoril and his crew run into Nathaniel in the hall before making it to Talia, but do get to her. Duncan tries to explain what Ian has done and Briahna confirms the story. She refuses to let them just kill Ian, but wants to hear his side of the story before making a decision.

Meanwhile, Una and her group locate Duskwalker who explains that Malchus was given an option to stop the Warforged but denies responsibility beyond that. They head back down to meet the others and after everyone catches up with the story, they all head off to confront Ian with his crimes. Ian tries to lie to Talia and bluff his way out of trouble but most, including Talia see through his lies. When she turns to leave and get the guards to hold him, he sees his power slipping away, draws Kord's Gale and stabs Talia in the back, killing her instantly.

Yenward blocks the exit and the entire group joins in to take Ian down once and for all. With all 3 weapons of Kord in effect in the room, it isn't long before the guards are alerted and Ian calls them to his side. Una and Duncan halt their attacks long enough to try to make the guards see the situation and when Ian all but confesses everything, the guards sheath their swords and step aside. The battle is rejoined and as Ian gets more desperate, he knocks Fie unconscious and Briahna, after using a massive overload power makes her way to Ian and grabs him by the head while everyone around her seems to miss their attacks for what seems an eternity. When Yenward sees his moment he lowers his head and bull charges at Ian and lands a critical, but in a last act of defiance, Ian pulls Brie in front of him and Yenward's massive hit lands on her instead, killing her outright.

As everyone watches in disbelief, the race to kill Ian reaches a fever pitch and finally Jadzia kills him with a a critical from an Eldritch Blast. She then collects his soul into her helm. As characters are healed, Una pulls Briahna from Yenward's horns and episode ends on that sad note.


Notable Kills

  • Talia, killed by Ian
  • Briahna killed by Yenward, assist to Ian
  • Ian, killed by Jadzia

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 09 Jun 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
09 Jun 2014