Arc 1 - Episode #003

The Elven Forest

General Summary

Immediately after defeating the vampires, Thoril and Trias meet back up with the old party members and share their stories. They also find out that Overdale was attacked by nearby elves in the night and the group is sent into the forest by Captain of the Guard Ian Serverus to help eliminate them.

The two groups split up and the party encounters elves with black eyes and acting feral. After the battle, they meet a young elf named Finway who gives them herbs that are needed to complete a ritual to cleanse the fountain and gems to pay them for their time. After battling their way to the well, the group manages to cleanse it, but find out that a bear had managed to drink from it while it was still cursed. They defeat the bear, and return to town, victorious in solving the elf problem and making Ian very unhappy.


Notable Kills

  • Tainted bear, killed by Thoril

Locations Visited


* Apparently, between episodes 2 and 3 Ironhide found his children, who were toasters, and ate them

Player Characters

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Report Date
12 Jul 2018
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