Arc 1 - Episode #002

A New Day

General Summary

After a mishap with Thoril’s drake, Thoril and Trias are forced to temporarily move to the town of Overdale where they settled uneventfully for several months. The two are then hired by the Mayor's aide to eradicate a nest of vampires hiding nearby. Their renown led them to acquire a few new recruits. The new group infiltrates the nest, eliminating vampires along the way, until they come face-to-face with the leader, Rayling Graystark. The group manages to slay Graystark, but not before Thoril is bitten by Graystark, beginning his slow descent into vampirism.   Unfortunately, the strains of the quest were too much for the surviving members of the recruits and they decided to no longer adventure with the group.


Notable Kills

  • Rayling Graystark, killed by Thoril

Locations Visited


* Protip: Magic Missile always hits. The guys learned this after this episode.

Group 1

Player Characters

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Report Date
12 Jul 2018
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