Arc 1 - Episode #178

Begin Again

General Summary

12th of Thorom
After becoming queen, Kava threw out her back and was forced to leave Or'Rash, with Sonia in tow. Since then, they have joined with several new faces, as well as Drakonis who we discover is Kava's nephew. The group has been hired by Yoste, a shopkeep in Esterholt, to find and return the Bell of Vecna. While the party stops for a rest on the journey, Drakonis accidentally gets the attention of a pack of dire boar who immediately attack.

After the fight, Dorinn and Sonia assault Drakonis for his lack of effort in the battle. Once everyone gets the frustration out of their system, they gather back in the carriage and get back on their way.

15th of Thorom
Jadzia meets with Sariff in Esterholt, forming a tentative alliance that may help stabilize the city at the expense of a former ally.


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Release date: 04 Sep 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
04 Sep 2016