Arc 1 - Episode #175


General Summary

8th of Thorom
Malchus and the gang make their way to Winterhaven Hall where they meet the Council (Freeman, Urla and Combs). Malchus is asked a few questions and delivers a stirring speech about the implications and demands of being a knight in a battle situation. The Council asks for a day to think over the discussion and allows Malchus and the group to stay in town without issue.

During their free time, the party makes their way to the library to look up trial procedures and to find some friendly faces around town.

Finding themselves back at the tavern, they meet a wizard from Uman' Yiro named Amvin who asks to join the group, and after questioning, is allowed. Shortly after, a guard enters and hands Malchus a note, which instructs Malchus to meet in a back alley at a certain time.

Arriving in the alley, a single figure in a hooded robe approached, dropping the hood and revealing to be Council Combs. The group is made aware that the rest of the council intends to take Malchus to trial but future concerns about the leadership of Winterhaven loom even larger.

The gang heads back to the inn to discuss their options before arrival at the trial setting meeting tomorrow morning.


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Release date: 15 Aug 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
15 Aug 2016