Arc 1 - Episode #155

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5th of Thorom
The party finishes their meal and Sora and Eliwrath explain to Arina and Zoya why they were so upset at Brock and Krista. Everyone decides to go out and deal with the situation, first attempting to talk it out and only fight if necessary.

A crowd gathers for the schoolyard fight as Zoya starts a whispered smear campaign explaining that Brock and Krista are grave robbers, while Sora tries to calm Brock down. Krista agrees to give back the items in exchange for some gold until Sariff puts a knife to Brock's throat and demands they leave town, which they do with haste.

Sariff invites the group to sit down for a meeting where he asks if they will go to Esterholt to determine if some specific people are still in town and the group leaves to think about his offer.


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Release date: 14 Mar 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
14 May 2016