Arc 1 - Episode #153

The More Things Change, Part 2

General Summary

4th of Thorom
The group remains in Durnhollow and Duncan suggests getting rooms for the night. He arranges for several rooms and also for Sespa, a nice Drow lady, to keep Theo warm. Teveen leaves to get a bath and a hair trim while Malchus and Duncan look for shenanigans to get into. A revelation occurs during a conversation and Malchus takes Duncan to get educated on "the sex" by Hazel, a teacher at the Durnhollow school.

Several hours later, Teveen and a newly educated Duncan rejoin Malchus at the Harlot for drinks before bed.

5th of Thorom
Early in the morning, just before sunrise, the entire town is woken up by a loud noise and everything shaking. It is thought to be an earthquake but no one knows for sure. The group decides that now is a good time to leave for the farm so Theo can go pet some goats. When they arrive at the farm, they find it in disrepair and abandoned but for one man wandering near the gate. After a short discussion, he introduces himself as Morgan Osgood and he has been tracking suspicious lizardmen activities from town to town and the group agrees to help him.


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"In Durnhollow, economy stimulates you!" - Malchus Grimnas

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Release date: 28 Feb 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
28 Feb 2016