Arc 1 - Episode #141

The Great Hunt: Part 1

General Summary

While waiting for the cleric to get ready for the resurrection attempt on Coal, Sora rests in an empty room and Arina spars with Eliwrath.

Later, Balrus begins the resurrection but although Coal's body is healed, he fails to come back to life and the cleric is significantly injured in the process.

The next morning, Briahna, Sora, Eliwrath and Arina, along with a few paladins make their way into the SIlver Glade to locate and kill the werewolves. After attempting to track them for well over an hour, Sora finally admits defeat when Brie asks if she has found anything. Arina takes a turn at tracking and stumbles upon a familiar clearing with the remains of several corpses. Among the wreckage, Sora finds some dice and a chessboard which is given to Arina to hold due to historical significance.

While leaving the clearing, a track is found and Sora scouts ahead to find the werewolves sleeping in a valley. Unable to resist the urge, she lines up a shot at the alpha wolf but it falls short, waking the pack.

Sora runs for her life and manages to make it back to the waiting group who quickly prepares for the coming fight.


Notable Kills

Locations Visited


The roll for Coal's resurrection attempt was a 3, essentially making his soul unable to return to his body forever.

Player Characters

Release date: 14 Dec 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
14 Dec 2015