Arc 1 - Episode #139

Until Proven Guilty

General Summary

We open on a scene of Diana spreading Hondo's ashes in the ocean, then pick up the next morning.

As Teveen and Yenward wake up and get themselves prepared for the day, Malchus and Theo are already at the Tipsy Pig having a few drinks and discussing their situation. Sisun is out around town doing his morning parkour workout.

Around noon they set off to meet the Drow but find only Ora, Mayla and Sariff in the room. Yenward, at the groups request asks for specifics about the group Sariff wants to kill. Reluctantly Sariff gives some details and allows Yenward a week to give an answer.

The group takes some time to discuss their options regarding the targets, the deal and if they even need the Drow.


Notable Kills

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Hondo had previously asked Diana to spread his ashes in the ocean if anything were to ever happen to him

Player Characters

Release date: 29 Nov 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
29 Nov 2015