Arc 1 - Episode #134

Strange Bedfellows: Part 1

General Summary

The party continues to make their way to Fairbay to meet with the Drow but first have to pass through Lochfort. Moving at a brisk pace and not stopping for anything in or around the town.

Early in the morning, they happen upon a female Minotaur putting out a fire on the side of the road and after a short conversation, pledges herself to King Yenward and travels with the group to Fairbay and the meeting with Ora Klad. Once in Fairbay, everyone cleans up and takes a quick rest before they go to the meeting.

During the meeting with Ora, she asks Yenward for a favor: eliminating an annoyance in Esterholt but does not give any real details. Post meeting, the party discusses their options and the potential job before them.


Notable Kills

Locations Visited


Rob makes 'streetwise' a verb: "Can I streetwise up some urchins?"

Player Characters

Release date: 25 Oct 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
25 Oct 2015