Arc 1 - Episode #133

No Where To Run

General Summary

Josephine lies in the street bleeding as Sora attempts to bandage her wounds.

Inside the town hall, Coal and the others start to barricade the door, even while others question why they aren't moving to help Sora and Jo. After some time, Sora pounds on the door, and hearing a howl starts to demand that they open the door. Eliwrath finally clears the barricade and opens the door, attempting to help drag Jo inside. With the large pack of werewolves charging down the street, Sora and Eliwrath are forced to drop Josephine's limp body and make a break for the door with Coal closing it behind them and hearing the sounds of the pack tearing Jo apart.

Hours pass as the party mourns and the wolves batter themselves against the door trying to gain entry. The time to fight finally arrives as the door weakens and the group has no where left to run.

The werewolves charge in as they can and begin to do damage to the weary group immediately. Shortly after the start, Ingrid falls, Coal and Kaley are killed and Sora and Eliwrath fight for their lives as they see Briahna, Poe and some paladins running in to the rescue...


Notable Kills

  • Josephine, killed by a werewolf
  • Coal, killed by a werewolf (#4)
  • Kaley, killed by a werewolf (#1)

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 19 Oct 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
19 Oct 2015