Arc 1 - Episode #132

Town Hall

General Summary

The party decides that the attic is no longer safe and makes plans to run for the town hall. Coal, Sora and Ingrid take the kids and try to sneak behind the buildings along the main street while Ingrid and Jo try to cause a distraction and make a run for it.

While the main group stealthily move behind the houses towards the town hall, Ingrid sets off the distraction and as the only werewolf in sight runs for the house they abandoned, it stops short and begins to chase Jo and Ingrid down the center of the street.

Ingrid and Coal finally make it to the hall and get all of the kids inside as they start to hear the sounds of running and a wolf giving chase. Sora climbs onto Coal's shoulders to take a few shots at the wolf as Ingrid narrowly avoids being mauled and makes it inside. The wolf catches Josephine and claws at her as Sora jumps from Coal's shoulders and runs to help. Coal closes the door as the sounds of battle ring outside.

Sora kills the werewolf but not before it manages to bite Jo and knock her unconscious.

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Release date: 11 Oct 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
11 Oct 2015