Arc 1 - Episode #128

Boxed In

General Summary

3rd of Thorom
As the party retreats back into the attic from the incoming wolves, Coal barricades the door with a large chest. They, along with the rescued girls try to figure out how they will escape this predicament when they hear the wolves leave the inside of the house and begin to climb the outside.

The large werewolf begins to break his way inside when the older of the two rescued girls grabs the sword given to Shaw and takes a swing at the it, inspiring the group to take a few shots as well and finally it is pushed back through the hole in the wall, giving them a moment of respite.

In the distance, the group hears the howls as the werewolves call for reinforcements...


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Release date: 31 Aug 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
31 Aug 2015