Arc 1 - Episode #127

So Very Close

General Summary

3rd of Thorom
Still trapped in the attic of Shaw's house, the party keeps watch on the werewolves in the streets. Once night falls, they notice a lack of wolves and see lights in another house and begin sending messages between them with lantern and candle light. Shortly after, without any werewolves in sight, a man emerges from the house and begins to make his way towards them. Soon after, he is jumped and mauled to death by werewolves who had been lurking on rooftops.

Once they finish devouring their meal, one of the werewolves makes his way into the house the man had come from and more lantern light is seen coming from the second floor, and then faces and hands trying to remove the boards from the window to escape. They learn that it is two girls making their way out of the house and Sora urges everyone into action to try to help. Ingrid and Josephine finally agree to help cover her as she attempts to lead the girls to their house and Sora makes her way into the street. She bolts as quickly and quietly as she can towards the other house and helps the girls down from the roof and they start back towards the rest of the party. When they are about halfway back, they are spotted by one of the werewolves and make a mad dash for the house and barely make it back inside before the pack is upon them.

The wolves crash into the door and start to rend it as the rescued girls are told to go upstairs. Jo and Ingrid take parting shots at the wolves before making their escape into the attic with everyone else.


Notable Kills

  • Random Lochfort citizen, killed by werewolves

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 24 Aug 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
24 Aug 2015