Arc 1 - Episode #124

Welcome to Lochfort

General Summary

1st of Thorom
The party regroups following the rescue and they take some time to get to know the elf they helped. He tells them his name is Davin and that he was being chased for being in a Nu'Val camp looking for his sister. Ingrid invites him to stay in their camp for the night for safety which he takes her up on.

During the night, a thick fog rolls in obscuring everything outside of the shallow cave. Coal hears something moving quickly outside of the camp and wakes the others who snuff out the fire and remain quiet until the large clawed beast moves away from them.

2nd of Thorom
The next morning, Davin says his goodbyes to the group and they resume their march to Lochfort. Along the way, with hours still to go they happen upon the remains of a traveler obviously killed by a werewolf. Coal picks up the meager possessions and again they resume walking.

Hours later the group arrives at the outskirts of Lochfort but notices no activity. Moving into investigate they discover most homes have been boarded up with some having had their doors destroyed as something tried to get in. With night falling, the party finds a werewolf stalking the streets looking for a meal and when it spies the group, it charges with a snarling mouth full of teeth. Everyone makes a break for the nearest house, with Coal and Eliwrath in the lead. Eliwrah hits the door first, pushing it open enough for several people to make it through. Near the porch with the werewolf in close pursuit, Sora falls and the wolf pounces on her. Ingrid casts a spell that knocks the wolf down and the party pulls Sora inside before slamming the door shut and barricading it.

After a quick survey of the house, they notice a ladder going up to the attic. Coal and Ingrid investigate and discover a small boy, who eventually tells them his name is Shaw. Shaw explains that the town had been overrun several days prior and a lot of people including his father had been killed.

3rd of Thorom
While resting for the night in the attic, everyone wakes from their sleep to the sound of a bird repeatedly hitting a window of the house. They drill a hole through the wall big enough for the bird to come in and discover it is a messenger raven from Poe. They send some messages back out with the bird and sit tight to wait for help to arrive.


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Release date: 27 Jul 2015 - Download the Episode

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27 Jul 2015