Arc 1 - Episode #117

Your Own Path

General Summary

As the episode starts Sisun begins digging a grave for Derthag while Diana and Duncan investigate the dragon. Yenward attempts to comfort Theo who is in shock over the dragon attack and the death of Derthag. Duncan joins Yenward and Theo and soon Diana and Malchus step in to give poor Theo grief over his part in the fight and what he could have done better.

Finally they all let up and Theo tries to set up camp for the night while the rest searches the dragon but none know enough to properly remove any parts without doing damage to it. Theo steps in and begins to explain about dragons and what he knows of the parts that may be useful but all decide they can't afford to carry the extra weight at the moment

Theo also explains that he can do magic but didn't use it because he didn't want to be forced to fall back on old skills.

Duncan explains to the party exactly why he wants to go to Bandit's Rest, to find and kill his real father.

The next morning, Diana spots a Drow woman hiding behind a tree and they call to her to reveal herself. She complies and calls out 14 or 15 other Drow and introduced herself as Mayla, comrade of Ora Klad. She gives them a message that they are requested in Fairbay to see Ora Klad for a job they want them to do.

After some talking, the Drow begin to dismantle the dragon for parts and after the party objects, they eventually give in to avoid a fight.


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Duncan's back story is revealed during this episode

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Release date: 03 Jun 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
03 Jun 2015