Arc 1 - Episode #115


General Summary

Shortly after the group leaves Aubrey and are traveling through the Dead Wood, they are ambushed by a band of orcs. The fight seems to be going well until Eryn and Evelynn fall and Coal and Eliwrath are knocked out. Sora and Ingrid stand firm and finish off the raiding party. As they search the corpses of friends and foes, they find a single healing potion which is given to Coal and when he wakes he heals Eliwrath.

They stand shocked and make plans to move ahead in the face of their losses but not before finding a place to bury their friends.

Notable Kills

  • Eryn Bluecaller, killed by orcs
  • Evelynn Heywood, killed by orcs

Locations Visited


While Eryn was killed by the orcs, her rat Hunter did survive

Player Characters

Release date: 25 May 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
25 May 2015