Arc 1 - Episode #099

On the Verge

General Summary

Later that night after fighting the troll... Jadzia and Vallus talk about the plan for talking to the party about her soul issue while Liara shows Fie the experiments on changelings and gives him the information she found.

Jadzia finds Una drinking in The Warrens and joins her in having a 'splitter' shot. Afterwards, Jadzia takes a very drunk Una back to her room and they talk about their relationships and finally Jadzia confesses her secret and eventually puts Una to bed.


The following morning the party convenes for breakfast and Una is very hung over. The group makes plans to go back to Brightport so Jadzia can study and she finally tells the rest of the group about her lack of a soul.

They say their goodbyes and Una and Brie talk briefly about their situation. Brie decides to stay to help Liara while the rest go to summon Amarah and make their way back to House Dragonkeep.

Flying along the road on the way back they spot Marrek walking below. Jadzia signals Amarah to land and they pick him up.

After they make it to Brightport, Una and Marrek discuss and compare their religions and new lack of faith.

Fie digs through the reports on changelings and Jadzia searches for information and has a quiet chat with Tessia.


Notable Kills

  • Many brain cells and 1 fern, killed by Una.

Locations Visited


  • Drunk Una is the best Una, in some opinions
  • Art by Jaycub (D&R forum name)

Player Characters

Release date: 12 Jan 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
12 Jan 2015