Arc 1 - Episode #098

Over Your Head

General Summary

Following the searching and looting of the last episode, the group meets back up and shares information about Loreweaver and the potential plague he carries. They begin to track him out of the city and after avoiding some traps and setting others off they finally step from the tunnels into a mausoleum which is in a large cemetery outside of town.

They again track some footprints in the mud and follow them to the woods where they encounter 2 large ogres. One of the ogres opens the fight by kicking Yenward in the chest and sending him flying across the field. (Artists rendition, KJMagle)

The party fairly easily defeats the ogres after a lengthy discussion of whether they should fight or flee.

They rest in a nearby cave and continue tracking the Archmage into White Wolf Valley where they find a trail of dead drakes and other creatures. Finally locating him in a large cave setting up a few things. The group tries to come up with a plan to get Yenward up to him quickly but Loreweaver offers them once chance to leave without even looking at them. Being Group 1, they choose to attack and seem to be making progress when Loreweaver blasts Hondo twice with Lightning Arc, dropping him instantly. Hondo stands back up with the help of his amulet although just a step from death. The Archmage blasts Hondo again, killing him instantly. In a rage, Yenward crushes him twice with Stormrender and Duncan falls as well before Drakonis ends him in a fountain of flame.

The group is in dismay over the loss of Hondo but slowly gathers his belongings and searches through Loreweavers things.


Notable Kills

  • Hondo, killed by Archmage Loreweaver
  • Loreweaver, killed by Drakonis

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 05 Jan 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
05 Jan 2015