Arc 1 - Episode #097

Under Fire

General Summary

After a too long, uncomfortable conversation about a girthy dagger, the party climbs back onto Amarah and directs her to fly towards Overwatch. As they circle the city to inspect the damage they begin to take arrow and ballista fire and immediately fly away from the city and land. They tell Amarah to fly towards the mountains and will summon her with Una's horn when they need her again and begin walking towards the shattered gates of the city. As they near the gates they are greeted by Poe who begins to fill them in on all of the changes and what happened during the battle. He takes them to meet the new queen of the Overwatch, Liara, and all are greeted with hugs.

Una asks for and is given permission to search Marcus' office and Jadzia is given Patrick Grace's personal effects. They also agree to deal with a troll who is terrorizing the arena dungeons after they take care of their other things. After searching Marcus' office and sifting through Graces items they finally have a chat with Ora Klad and tell her that Marcus is dead.

The Drow begin to leave the city and the party prepares to face the troll after a stop at the armory to visit an old 'friend' Sgt Fletcher!

The group has little trouble dealing with Grrth the troll after pinning it in a corner and setting it on fire, Jadzia gets the killing shot.


Notable Kills

  • Grrth the troll, killed by Jadzia

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 22 Dec 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
22 Dec 2014