Arc 1 - Episode #094

Former Life

General Summary

The party boards Amarah and flies to Esterholt to meet up with Una. They land outside of town but tell Amarah she can land in the hedge maze. Before they make it to the house, they are met in the street by Briahna who warns them about Una's death. And then they all go to the house.


Una explains her death experience as Calluna makes tea. Amarah lands in the hedge maze and everyone goes out back to be introduced to her.

Brie retreats back inside and soon can be heard discussing loudly with someone and everyone goes back in. Julie has come from the temple to talk to Una and Brie and attempt to reclaim the weapons of Kord. Naturally, Fie and Una refuse to give the weapons back as Una attempts to intimidate the paladins but fails and Julie tries to take the weapons back with force.

Both sides attempt to subdue the other and soon Vallus knocks Julie out as the few remaining paladins look on. Una tells them to take their comrades out of the house but not before scratching her name into Julie's sword and armor.

The group decides it is time to leave Esterholt and make a plan to have Amarah take them to Overwatch so Briahna can see how the war turned out.


Notable Kills

  • Julie, knocked out by Vallus

Locations Visited


Art by Jaycub (D&R forum name)

Player Characters

Release date: 08 Dec 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
08 Dec 2014