Arc 1 - Episode #093

The Walking Tour

General Summary

After the fight with Cecil and his gang the group takes some time to look around the city and some ponder what trophies they can pull from Straad's corpse.

Daegon begins searching the old Council building and finds nothing but burned books and disappointment. The group finds a spot to camp for the night with hopes of resuming the search in the morning. Layla makes it to Odysia in the morning and rejoins the party as Daegon brings everyone to his old home and discovers a cache his family had left hidden.

Braylon pitches an idea of going to find Straad's treasure horde but is told they are going to try to go to Yemgar swamp to see the Witch about Khoury's lithoderms. Before leaving, they strip the dragon's body of scales, meat and anything else of value and make their way to the docks.


They find a relatively untouched Eladrin ship called the Alu'Yaanda, which translates roughly to "The Drifting Blade" and Daegon gives permission for all to board.

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Release date: 01 Dec 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
01 Dec 2014