Arc 1 - Episode #092


General Summary

Following the battle in the throne room, the group has to decide what to do with "The Red" who has surrendered and even helped finish the fight after Carter was killed. Yenward moves him toward the window and offers to let him take the stairs instead if he explains what is going on. He tells them his name is Ardos and that Carter was holding his daughter, forcing him to be a bodyguard and that he wants to go find her which they allow. Yenward then turns his attention to an unconscious Ironhide, propping him up in the window, waking him enough to talk and telling him to jump. Ironhide attempts to defend his decisions about murdering Thoril which fall on deaf ears, Liara reclaims her sword from him before Yenward gores him and drops him from the tower.

At this point, Poe enters the room and tells everyone that the Drow are searching for Marcus and setting fires all over town. He also tells them that they have found Rodswell. Everyone but Drakonis leaves the room to go deal with the new problems but first take a moment at ground level to loot Carter's corpse before moving to find Rodswell.

Once at the temple, Yenward crushes the door and Duncan asks Liara to let him speak to Rodswell first. A touching scene between father and son takes place, ending with Duncan stabbing Rodswell in the gut with a dagger, killing him.


Drakonis rejoins the party and they set out to stop the armies from destroying what is left of the town while Diana goes back to the castle to look for Ardos. She finds him kicking in a door and coming back out of the room holding his dead daughter. She leaves him to his grief and begins searching but finds only mutilated corpses and then three living children, one tiefling boy and two Elven sisters. She directs them to go upstairs in the castle to wait out the rest of the violence.

Hondo runs across the city until he finds Ora Klad, leader of the Drow and implores her to stop setting fires and they will help her find Marcus. She agrees and everyone meets in the city square so Diana can address the armies and Overwatch citizens.

As she speaks, the assorted races stop attacking guards and civilians and the remaining Overwatch troops surrender to their fates.

All in attendance will begin their new lives free of tyranny soon enough.

A few hours later, Hondo finds Diana in her room and they chat about plans that Hondo has to change the world. he asks Diana to be his right hand but she refuses to blindly follow, but accepts that maybe she can help.


Notable Kills

  • Ironhide, killed by Yenward
  • Rodswell, killed by Duncan

Locations Visited


Art by Jaycub (D&R forum name)

Player Characters

Release date: 24 Nov 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
24 Nov 2014