Arc 1 - Episode #091


General Summary

With night falling in Theria, the main portion of the group, Fie, Jadzia, Calluna and Vallus decide to stay the night in Whitehedge. The next morning, Vallus tells Jadzia he wants to go see Briahna's mother to let her know that he did find her and tell her that her sisters were dead.

Meanwhile, Brie makes her way to Esterholt and heads directly to the temple where she finds Julie, one of the only higher ranking members of the church. Briahna demands to go through the same rite that Una did and is refused as she is not a member of the following of Kord. Bria grabs Julie by the throat and forces her to resurrect Una.

On the road out of Whitehedge, the party smells smoke and finds a ransacked wagon on the side of the road. Vallus tells the rest of the group to ride ahead and he will deal with this issue but Fie steps in and sneaks into the clearing where 2 people are being held captive by gnolls. Fie alerts the party who quickly take down the gnolls and rescue the prisoners.

Una's eyes open slowly as she scans the room while Brie waits expectantly for some kind of response. Una speaks two words "There's nothing" and immediately grabs her hammer and starts destroying anything in the temple with the symbol of Kord on it and then finally breaking down in tears when she is done.

The rest of the party finally makes it to Brightport after days on the road. Vallus leads them through the city, straight to House Dragonskeep. David answers the door and soon everyone is sitting down to tea with Tessia to discuss why they have come across the continent and their request to use Amarah to help fight Straad.

Back in Esterholt Brie and Una have gone back to the mansion. Brie tells her what happened to Straad after she fell and after some conversation Una jumps up and plunges her arms into the fireplace, burning off her tattoos of Kord and healing herself while she burns.



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Art by Jaycub (D&R forum name)

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Release date: 19 Nov 2014 - Download the Episode

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19 Nov 2014