Arc 1 - Episode #089

The Law

General Summary

After getting up the next morning, Jadzia and Vallus gather their things and go downstairs to send a letter to Una. Vallus notices that there is no one at the inn and a large group of townspeople gathering outside. As the town guard enters the inn, there is some discussion about apprehending Vallus for his threatening of the guards, which is refused by everyone in the party. After a bit of luck and negotiation the party are walked to the edge of town and asked politely to leave as the guards go back to calm the crowd looking for a fight.

Along their path to Whitehedge, they pass through 'The Moors' also known as Unicorn Valley. As they pass a group of unicorn(s)? Calluna decides that they want to befriend one, just to see if they can. Apparently, they can and after making fast friends, they decide to use the unicorn as a mount and it is formally named Persnickity. Calluna proudly rides Persnickity into Whitehedge, where he soon spots an elf and chases him down an alley, goring him in the back.


As the party sits stunned, Vallus prepares the kettenhund and snaps it around the unicorns head, breaking its neck.

The town guard arrives and Calluna owns up to her mistake and the party is let go based on ignorance and honesty and as a pennance they are asked to help dispose of the body.


Notable Kills

  • Persnickity, killed by Vallus

Locations Visited


  • The elf gored by Persnickity was named Bilford
  • Art by Jaycub (D&R forum name)

Player Characters

Release date: 13 Nov 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
13 Nov 2014