Arc 1 - Episode #088


General Summary

The group wakes in Fairbay and begins to prepare for another day of travel. Jadzia finds a letter in her pack, which after some investigation, they come to the conclusion that somehow it might be from Darmock. Calluna finds that Marrek is missing from the room but does find a message from his as well. Fie reads the letter to the group and Calluna runs from the inn to try and track where Marrek went. Vallus gives chase and talks her out of leaving and finally everyone leaves for Brightport.

We cut to Briahna who is being assaulted by a very angry, very large red dragon. After she repels the brunt of the dragon's fiery breath, she leaps from the tower onto the snout of the beast and starts to punch Straad repeatedly in the head. He begins to take flight and Brie holds on for her life. Soon, his numerous injuries take their toll and he crashes into a building which topples over his back as he crashes to the ground in the central plaza of Odysia...

As the bulk of the party leaves Fairbay behind they come across a man on the road cowering behind his cart, obviously hiding from something in the woods. They unanimously decide their mission is more important than the traveler and ride past as they notice an ogre running from the woods and attacking the cart and then biting the man in half. Feeling ashamed they reach Lochfort at nightfall, the guards stop them and tell them they may not enter the town due to a recent incident with infected travelers. The party, afraid of the werewolves they can hear howling already get Vallus to intimidate their way past the guards and they slowly make their way to the inn.

Briahna and Straad both slowly start to stir after the impact with the ground. Straad extends his neck and snaps at Brie, snatching her fully into his mouth. Tense seconds go by and seconds later the bottom half of Straad's head explodes as Brie uses Decimate inside of his mouth. The dragon collapses in a death spasm as Brie is trapped beneath his jaw, weakened and unable to escape on her own...


Notable Kills

  • Straad, killed by Briahna

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 03 Nov 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
03 Nov 2014