Arc 1 - Episode #087

Good Deeds

General Summary

Khoury and Daegon rest and start the following day hung over. They begin trying to find people to rebuild the team as Khoury goes to Naza to get a fix for her headache. She soon is sent to the general store where she meets Aralove and invites her to join them. Daegon runs into Layla in the bar and all eventually meet outside and introductions are made and they discuss what their next move is. While they talk in the street, a man staggers in to town with a speak stuck in his back. They set off to deal with the kobold menace in the nearby woods and quickly get into a fight. During the battle, a kobold rides up on a giant drake and joins the fight. Khoury eventualy kills the kobold on the drake and manages to tame the drake enough to let the party ride it to their next destination.

The episode ends with Acteronis climbing out of the pit where he died.


Notable Kills

  • Kobold Ratmaster, killed by Khoury

Locations Visited


The drake is originally named Mr Whiskers but during the next episode, his name is revealed as Snickers.

Player Characters

Release date: 29 Oct 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
29 Oct 2014