Arc 1 - Episode #086

Turn The Page, part 3

General Summary

As most of the group continues to ride towards Fairbay, Marrek in the lead notices a trap set up in the road. The group looks around and spot a few more traps most likely set up by Kobolds. At this point, the Kobolds attack and the party is forced to defend themselves.

Checking in to Odysia, Una lays in the plaza bleeding out. Briahna makes her way through the city back to Una, making sure that Straad doesn't see her and begins to drag Una to a safer location.

The party finally makes it to Fairbay and check in at the inn, Brecken's Hearth. An offhand comment sparks an argument that starts a fight between Calluna and Vallus and soon Jadzia and Marrek are trying to calm things down. An hour or so later everyone reconvenes and apologies are given allowing for the group to then discuss the next part of their trip to Brightport.

Brie finally drags Una to a safer spot and soon after, Una breathes her last breath. In a fit of rage, Briahna lays Una down and stomps off towards Straad, the ground cracking beneath her feet. She climbs the tower until she is under Straad and begins to charge a blast...

She lets loose a massive blast at the ceiling and part of the tower impales itself in the dragon's belly. Straad falls from the tower and banks back around to take aim at the tower and his attacker, fire bubbling in his throat...

There is some post episode cool down chat following the game.


Notable Kills

  • Una Anhelada, killed by Straad

Locations Visited


  • Vallus hits on all 3 strikes on Twist the Knife in this episode which has never happened before. Here, he does it twice. Once against a kobold, once against Calluna.
  • Art by Jaycub (D&R forum name)

Player Characters

Release date: 27 Oct 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
27 Oct 2014