Arc 1 - Episode #084

Turn The Page, part 2

General Summary

The party members all leave Esterholt, but not together. Jadzia, Fie, Calluna, Marrek and Vallus begin to travel to Fairbay by way of Lochfort. About an hour outside of Esterholt, Fie notices they are being tailed by a group of riders who are not being very stealthy. They ride hard to a large bridge spanning a rushing river and wait for their pursuers.

Briahna and Una ride with Craig and the paladins of Kord towards Odysia, hoping to meet Straad along the way.

Back at the bridge, Fie moves to the halfway point and is joined by a man who introduces himself as Jeremy Kavens, under the employ of one Cecil Fowers. He asks politely for Fie to hand over Una and Brie and is told that they went after Straad and Jeremy apologizes for causing them so much trouble and seems to feel genuinely bad. When he goes back to tell Cecil the news, Cecil throws what is described as "a hissy fit" and nearly falls from his horse. The party leaves, wondering if perhaps they should have hired Jeremy out from under Cecil.

Una, Brie and the paladins finally make it to Odysia and spot Straad perched upon the highest tower in the city. Una gives a motivational speech to the assembled warriors, climbs an adjacent building and blows her war horn to get Straad's attention.

Straad, furious, launches himself from his vantage point and assaults the building Una is in. She uses Wind Step to leap to his face and the fight is on!

Shortly, paladins begin to fall to Straad's might while Craig and Una try to do as much damage as they can. Craig is soon flung across the plaza by a tail slap, falling from a ledge and is presumed dead. Straad, seeing victory breaths fire, incinerating several more paladins.

Una, who at this point is clinging to Straad's foot while he takes flight, tells Briahna to flee which she does after a parting shot at the dragon. By the time Brie escapes, Una is the only one left standing and goes toe to toe with Straad, throwing everything she has left at him but it just isn't enough. She is finally silenced with a brutal tail slap that followed a massive bite and fire attacks.

The episode ends with the cast's reactions to the episode and a short cool down chat.


Notable Kills

  • Craig Mason presumed dead, "killed" by Straad
  • Una Anhelada near death, "killed" by Straad

Locations Visited


  • Art by Jaycub (D&R forum name)

Player Characters

Release date: 20 Oct 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
24 Oct 2014