Arc 1 - Episode #082

Turn the Page, Part 1

General Summary

The party brings Cecil back to the house but aren't quite sure how to handle things with him yet. They decide to let Briahna rouse him and she does so with a backhand to the face. She fails to intimidate Cecil and he begins to berate her. Not to be outdone, she grabs a bucket of human waste and throws it at him bucket and all, striking him in the chest and face. As the group attempts to scare Cecil, they all hear the sound of a distant horn but only Fie and Calluna know what it might be. Fie decides to escalate the interrogation and gets Cecil to talk. Cecil tries to make a deal with the group to share control of the town and they leave him alone in the room while they go to 'discuss their options' but not before Fie sets the poop bucket upside down over Cecil's head.

Everyone rushes up to the living room while Fie and Calluna try to fill everyone in on the horn. Fie and Una run to the second floor and out onto the roof and can see Straad in the distance attacking what they can only assume is the Overwatch. As the team discusses what they need to do, Brie leaves the house and attempts to find a horse to ride to the Evergreen to check on Liara and the Ravens. Una stops her in the street and begins to scream at her for being useless, hoping that making her angry will force her powers to return. The plan seems to backfire as Brie begins to get distraught instead of mad, but after Una brings her dead sisters and mother into the mix, Briahna snaps and force punches Una across the square and through an apple cart causing a giant commotion.

Calluna witnesses all of this and hurriedly buys all of the apples from the vendor and tries to collect as many as she can. Before she can retreat to the house with her apple bounty, Straad buzzes the town at a low altitude sending apples everywhere and people running for cover. All members of the group who were in the street run back to the house to figure out how to deal with this new threat. Una wants to run and fight it and Vallus tells them that his mom has a dragon in Brightport that they may be able to use to fight Straad. During the discussion, Craig almost beats down the door to get Una's attention and she tells him to gather the paladins for a fight. Una, Brie, Craig and a large group of paladins from the temple ride south to try and draw Straad away from Esterholt while the rest of the group prepares to leave for Brightport.

Marrek and Fie release Cecil who immediately runs out of the house to find his own safe place to hide.


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Release date: 02 Oct 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
02 Oct 2014