Arc 1 - Episode #081

Long Live The King, Part 2

General Summary

We open on the remaining combatants from the gathered armies, at the camp following Straad's exit from the battle. Yenward picks Duncan up over his head, Lion King style and Duncan gives a rousing speech to the crowd, after which Poe and Liara arrive to join the fight. Liara tells Yenward that Brie is alive and they have a moment, Poe tells everyone that Durnhollow has been freed from the Overwatch and that Ellis Arroway is dead. The group decides to charge the gates before the city has a chance to regroup as a thunderstorm starts to build overhead. The plan is to get the Dwarves close to the gate to set some explosives in a crack opened up by Straad. To help with the effort, Drakonis takes a hit of bloodroot and amps up his fireballs for the fight. On the way to the gate, the army is pelted with volleys of arrows and fire pots, while the mages and Elves try to take out the archers on the walls. They finally make it to the gates and the Dwarves successfully breach the walls, allowing access to the city.

Once inside the city, the group is immediately attacked by Overwatch soldiers which they dispatch without much issue and set their eyes on Castle Overwatch. They meet more guards at the castle gate and force their way inside.

Once inside, there are several options the party has to choose from: upstairs, downstairs or investigating the main floor. They decide to poke around just a little and find Loreweaver's room and his experiments within, Diana takes his journals to read later. After this they head upstairs to the door of the throne room everyone catches their breath for a moment. Yenward throws Stormrender at the doors, blasting them from their hinges as the 'heroes' enter the room. Carter gives a monologue about their fight being in vain, and calls out what might be Gavin, Una, Jadzia and Fie and a large Tiefling only referred to as "The Red" to assist in the fight.

The fight begins and Liara tells everyone that these are not the real Crimson Shield members and Diana starts by incapacitating Gavin and Fie. Jadzia immobilizes Yenward with Iron Spike of Dis, which begins his slow descent into madness as he is unable to hit anyone for most of the fight but in a fit of rage throws Stormrender at the large stained glass window, angering Carter. The battle continues and Carter is able to drop Ironhide and Hondo but is bloodied by Fie who has been controlled by Diana. Carter uses Thermacks phylactery to summon his spectre to fight at his side for a time.

Yenward finally frees himself from his predicament and through a streak of misses from everyone, charges at Carter and kills him with a brute strike, knocking him out of the window of the tower. As the fight continues, the clones start to fall and soon Thermack dissolves as Carter finally hits the ground below, destroying the phylactery. "The Red" helps finish off the others and then kneels to surrender, dropping his sword.

The party takes a moment to see who he is but the show ends and the cast discuss the episode for a while before signing off.


Notable Kills

  • Una's clone, killed by Ironhide
  • King Zannon Carter, killed by Yenward
  • Fie's clone killed by Liara
  • Gavin's clone, killed by Duncan
  • Jadzia's clone, killed by Liara
  • Emon Thermack's apparition, killed by gravity

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 27 Sep 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
27 Sep 2014