Arc 1 - Episode #078

A Lighter Touch

General Summary

Fie continues to search the house while everyone rests following the fight with Marrash. He finally discovers a secret shaft leading down in the middle of a hallway with a small blood magic area and several chests at the bottom. He finds a chest full of valuables and another corpse in the chests and delivers the news to Jadzia.

Una and Brie spend time watching Marrash and finally discuss 'the kiss' before taking shifts resting and keeping an eye on the prisoner.

The next morning, Calluna and Fie hear the sound of breaking glass and Fie finds a note near a broken window in the front of the house. He checks outside and finds the house surrounded and delivers the note to Una who writes a return note and throws it out the door. Meanwhile, Marrek makes breakfast and is oblivious to the disturbance.

Una talks to Marrash between taking time to toss rocks with notes to the people outside of the house and learns he was hired by Silverclaw to destabilize the town. She then goes out to talk to Sariff, the leader of the group surrounding the house who tells her he is from House Silverclaw and they want Marrash delivered to them or everyone will die. Una invites him insides along with some of his guards to discuss the situation. Sariff extends an invitation to the entire group to join Silverclaw, which they debate for a long time.

They finally come to a decision and write up a contract for Sariff. The "Shield of Grace" is formed and Fie delivers the contract, accepting Sariff's deal without the rest of the party knowing all of the details.

They turn over Marrash, who is presumably tortured and killed by Silverclaw.


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  • Sariff is most likely Una's father but it has not been 100% confirmed

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Release date: 09 Sep 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
09 Sep 2014