Arc 1 - Episode #077


General Summary

Two days after Marcus is killed the group begins their clean up attempt. They learn about the Graycloaks, Fie and Una start to train Brie and Marrek restocks the house with food they can trust. Jadzia begins to notice noises within the walls of the house and wonders if she may be going crazy.

Everyone travels to a tavern called The Twin Foxes to speak with Cecil. Brie gets excited in an intimidate attempt and stabs Cecil in the hand, causing a short brawl which is defused by Una. He informs them of a large Dragonborn named Marrash who is running the Graycloaks and causing his own issues in town. They all leave Cecil and search for Marrash, who they find arguing with a town guard, Marrash stabs the guard in the chest, killing him and he is told he is under arrest as the party close in on him. As the battle continues, a Graycloak shoots Marrek with a crossbow, almost knocking him out but the result is unexpected. Marrek begins to change before everyones eyes and turns into a werewolf! The party fights harder than before, making sure to stay away from Marrek who fights to remain in control of his attacks. Jadzia eventually knocks Marrash out and Vallus attempts to murder Marrek and is stopped by the others. Marrash is taken back to the house and chained up in the dungeon, after which the party confronts Marrek and tells him they won't kick him out of the group but they need to find a way to deal with his condition.

Shortly after this discussion, Jadzia hears the noise in the wall again and Una knocks the wall down with her hammer and a small demon runs out, attacking Vallus but then hiding behind Jadzia. Sheldon is introduced, but is not given his name until episode 78

Malchus talks to Tessia in Brightport about why she may not see him again.


Notable Kills

  • Marrash, knocked out by Jadzia

Locations Visited


  • Chocolate does not exist in Theria
  • Izzy coins the phrase "slippery biscuits"
  • Malchus gives Tessia his "don't dare to become too great" speech

Player Characters

Release date: 31 Aug 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
31 Aug 2014