Arc 1 - Episode #076

In The End, Everyone Betrays You

General Summary

With a free day to wait for Craig to arrange their meeting with Marcus, Una decides to go to the tattoo shop and Marrek and Calluna tag along.


Fie continues his search of the house, still unsuccessful in finding the hidden treasures but Jadzia actually finds a hidden hallway behind a bookcase in the library. She and Vallus investigate and find yet more bodies hanging in the room beyond and begin to take them from their hooks.

Across town, Marcus visits with Mayor Keller in an attempt to sway her opinion of the Overwatch and allow him to help her clean up the crime problems the city is facing. She tentatively agrees but asks for time to think it over, which he grants. The soldiers Marcus brought set up a camp outside of town while he and his officers stay at the Mayor's mansion.

When the party reconvenes back at the house, everyone smells the stench of decay and quickly search to find the cause. They all help pull the corpses out of the house and Liara leaves to make it to Overwatch to help with the battle.

Calluna and Vallus stay at the house while the rest of the group sets out to meet with the Mayor to offer their assistance to stop the local criminals. After a lengthy discussion, they finally convince Mayor Keller to deputize them officially and to look the other way when they deal with Marcus. Everyone returns to the house once again and rest for the night to give Una the rest she needs to be at full strength when they track down Marcus in the morning.

The following morning, everyone puts on their gear and they meet Craig who tells them they can find Marcus at the inn with his men eating breakfast. As the unsuspecting troops eat, Una levitates into the air and threatens the group with a violent end if they choose to stay and defend Marcus. All but 2 archers flee the room and Marcus surrenders without a fight. His last two men choose to surrender as well and watch as Jadzia blasts Marcus and Fie beheads him. Una throws his head at the archers and tells them to take it back to Overwatch and tell Carter it was them.


Notable Kills

  • Marcus, killed by Jadzia

Locations Visited


Player Characters

Release date: 25 Aug 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
25 Aug 2014