Arc 1 - Episode #075

Long Live The King, part 1

General Summary

The party runs for their lives as Straad razes the battlefield. As the dragon lands and tears into the gathered armies, they split and run for the cover of their respective camps.

A lone Half-Orc rides towards the treeline and stops his horse in front of the group, trying to get them to stop but they all ignore him and keep running, making it to the relative safety of the trees and the gathered Elves.

Straad attacks the city of Overwatch directly as the party weighs their options and everyone turns to Thoril when Ironhide asks why there is a dragon. Some argue that Thoril is as guilty as Karrik for not stopping him or giving him 'the nod' while some appeal to Brettana to leave him alone until they finish the battle. Karrik interrupts and is killed by Brettana's guards on the spot and attempt to take Thoril away for execution. Drakonis tries to take the horn from Karrik's body but is stopped initially, then allowed after Hondo speaks to Brettana on his behalf.

Thoril owns his decision after coming out on the losing side of the argument. He says his goodbyes to the group but before he can be taken away, Ironhide stabs him in the back, killing him instantly. Yenward walks off, disgusted with what he has just witnessed and Duncan, Drakonis and Hondo follow leaving Ironhide and Diana by themselves. Duncan soon stops Yenward and talks him into finishing what they all started and he agrees, but not without some words for Ironhide first.

They again speak with Brettana who tells them that Nathaniel lives and they go to see him. Duncan leaves Thoril's possessions near Nathaniel and that segment of the episode finishes.

A short scene plays out between Malchus and Tessia at House Dragonkeep at the end.


Notable Kills

  • Karrik, killed by Brettana Moonshadow's guards.
  • Thoril, killed by Ironhide.

Locations Visited


  • Ironhide's horse is named Felicity

Player Characters

Release date: 11 Aug 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
11 Aug 2014