Arc 1 - Episode #073

The Battle of White Wolf Valley

General Summary

The group reconvenes in the morning after resting and attempts to make a plan for Durnhollow so they know what will happen when they get there. Diana suggests that if diplomacy fails, they burn the town down and kill everyone which sparks quite a debate among the characters.

Finally, they decide to just go back to Winterhaven and get some troops to take back to Durnhollow to help them secure the town, but along the way, Drakonis has another bout of Bloodroot withdrawals. He has to do some Bloodroot and decides that using Stormrender as a flat surface will be helpful. After he snorts the stuff, he freaks out and charges at his horse and punches it in the face. Once the group gets him to stop they force him to walk rather than riding for his horses safety.

A Drow male steps from the woods after seeing this and introduces himself as Hondo De Vetes, resident of Durnhollow. He agrees to join the group and they all go back to Durnhollow to see Ellis Arroway. Hondo only trusts Duncan and Diana at this point so the three go meet with Arroway who does not like Hondo at all. Ellis agrees that the Overwatch soldiers need to go but they won't go without a fight so he asks for some assistance. The party decides to go back to Winterhaven and get some troops to send to Durnhollow. They argue this plan for a while and when they finally do make it to Winterhaven, they learn from Poe that the army left 2 days prior because they wasted so much time roaming around. Poe agrees to take the large group of White Ravens he has to Durnhollow while the group rushes to catch up to the army near Overwatch.

Upon reaching White Wolf Valley, the battle is already very much under way and the attackers aren't doing as well as they hoped. The group doesn't see anyone they recognize and Yenward believes Nathaniel and the others are dead. As they move into the fray, they try to direct troops as best they can and are attacked by a group of Overwatch soldiers they will need to defeat to continue on, which they do. During this fight, Thoril takes a beating and nearly runs out of healing surges.

Once they have a chance to regroup, Thoril feels a rumbling on the field and notices 3 war elephants that have broken free and are charging right at the group. He warns the others and more soldiers join in the fight. In the middle of this battle a fire pot spooks the elephants and they run off leaving the party in a small clear area where they spot Karrik, leader of the Dragonborn, injured and under attack. They rush to help him and he suggests they summon Straad, a legendary red dragon! After some debate, Thoril chooses not to stop Karrik from blowing the summoning horn, and even gives him "the nod" telling him to do it.

The last image and sound we are left with is the menacing horn and the sound of Straad's roar as he descends from the sky to the north, heading directly for the battlefield.



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  • Drakonis' horse is named Oliver

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Release date: 29 Jul 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
29 Jul 2014