Arc 1 - Episode #072

Hunting the Hunter

General Summary

The following morning, everyone meets and prepare to go back and try to find Trixy and anyone else who might have survived. As they leave the inn, they are met by Sevedus Stronghold, a Dwarven war priest who invites himself along on the adventure.

Once they make it closer to the area, Khoury finds some tracks they she thinks are Trixy's and they follow them. After avoiding something large and crashing through the woods they find Trixy sitting in a clearing, clearly distressed and trying to rest. Trixy tells the group that Baranith is dead and wants to leave but Daegon insists that they go try to recover the remains and gear and Haven would like to take care of the werewolves once and for all.

The group makes it to the place where the fight occurred and it is described as a crime scene with blood everywhere and only bits of clothing and some gear remaining. After reclaiming some gear, they decide to track the pack of wolves and finally find them in a clearing. Trixy takes a couple shots at Trevor, hitting him with a silver arrow, stopping his regeneration. The fight is joined by all and the party tries to focus on taking Trevor down. The other wolves target Haven and Acteronis and do massive damage and Haven is bitten several times during the melee. Khoury finally takes Trevor down and the rest of the wolves scatter back into the woods after the group takes their parting shots at them.

Trixy removes Trevor's head after the fight and everyone begins to make their way back to town.


Notable Kills

  • Trevor McBride, killed by Khoury

Locations Visited


  • Rob calls Jason an asshole, if you realize how rare this is, you understand why it is here.
  • Haven is bitten no less than 5 times during the fight, guaranteeing that he will be carrying on the curse

Player Characters

Release date: 23 Jul 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
23 Jul 2014