Arc 1 - Episode #071

This Took a Turn

General Summary

The group stops to rest after the fight with the werewolf. They decide to skin it and Shavvar cooks some to eat. Once rested, they enter the tomb of Serifc Dragonsoul, a member of a rare race of elves who share some traits with Dragonborn including the ability to speak with dragons. Kava disarms a trap on the way in, and then the party manages to stumble across several others. After dealing with the traps they find some stairs going down and several doors they could go through.

After cracking a hole in a door, Nem turns into a bat to examine some chests and awakens some ancient Elven skeletons. The party bursts in to assist and very quickly, the fight starts going badly. Keyleth and Nem get knocked unconscious as Kava and Travis slowly work through the flaming skeletons. Keyleth eventually regenerates enough to get back up and heals Nem who dominates one of the skeletons to help them finish the fight.

The group begins to set up a spot to rest and loot the room as the episode comes to a close.

Notable Kills

Locations Visited


  • Kava sings a verse from "Milkshake" (by Kelis) and it's everything you think it could be
  • It is revealed in this episode that Therian rainbows only have 2 colors, black and a slightly lighter shade of black.
  • This may or may not be canon.

Player Characters

Release date: 21 Jul 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
21 Jul 2014