Arc 1 - Episode #070

Cut and Run

General Summary

Khoury and Daegon return to Lochfort to regroup after fleeing the fight with the werewolves. On the way into town, they pass an odd armored person mourning the death of his horse. Khoury stops and sits near the man while Daegon goes to the bar to confront Patsy. Once there, he threatens Patsy and nearly turns him into paste when Haven intervenes and talks him out of killing the man. Khoury eventually talks to the knight and Acteronis offers to help them find their friends and possibly avenge them. Once the newly formed group are together, Haven offers to go speak to the Mayor and try to get some silver weapons from the currently closed blacksmiths shop,

Haven is successful in his plea and the group leaves a cash deposit for the 20 silver arrows they take from the store. They then go to speak with Shane McBride, Trevor's father in hopes of getting more information and they are told how Trevor became a werewolf after following a group of whores into the forest.

They decide to rest for the night and return to the scene of the attack in the morning.


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Release date: 17 Jul 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
17 Jul 2014