Arc 1 - Episode #069

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General Summary

The year is 1261, 2 years earlier than the normal D&R timeline.
A group of seedy individuals spend most of their days working in one fashion or another at the Rusty Nipple whorehouse in Brightport. Keyleth spends her time tending bar while not curing the customers of random STD's, Travis sweeps and generally cleans, Shavvar entertains the waiting customers, Nem is the busiest vampire whore in the area and Kava runs the crew while she isn't losing all of her money at the cock fighting pits.

Kava returns after one of her gambling trips and while outside trying to wrangle some new customers, is approached by Graddik with a business proposition. He hires the group to go find and return an ancient Elven artifact called The Bowl of Sickness aka The Gravy Boat of Pestilence in the Silver Glade.

They agree to the job and leave town, unknowingly locking Jerry, a customer intended for Travis locked inside. Along the way to Lochfort they meet and rob a broken down traveler before making it into the town proper. They gather in the local tavern and Keyleth romances a young fellow named Trevor McBride who agrees to be their guide into the Silver Glade. Upon reaching the west end, they ditch the cart and continue on foot. As they get near the area they should be in, they are attacked by a Werewolf Lord. During the fight, Trevor is bitten and soon after Travis gets the killing blow. Trevor, in a panic gets healed by Keyleth and is told he will probably become a werewolf as well and he runs off into the woods, not to be seen again by the party.


Notable Kills

  • Werewolf Lord, killed by Travis

Locations Visited


  • The run down old horse that pulls the Rusty Nipple cart is named Stu

Player Characters

Release date: 11 Jul 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
11 Jul 2014