Arc 1 - Episode #067


General Summary

Outside Winterhaven, a lone rider approaches the gate and Drakonis finally makes it to the war zone. He enters to find Duncan, Yenward and Thoril in Winterhaven Hall and they catch him up on everything he missed amid nonstop druggie jokes. Nathaniel asks them to go to Durnhollow to help remove the Overwatch soldiers still stationed there and Duncan immediately agrees, much to the dismay of his companions.

Drakonis heads off to a tavern to sort out his thoughts while the others prepare to leave. The rest of the party tries to avoid Drakonis on their way out of town but he spots Yenward attempting to hide behind a bush and shoots a small fireball at him to get his attention. Citizens scatter while Drakonis questions what is going on and they argue a while before realizing the blacksmiths building has been set on fire. Diana approaches the party and together they all help put out the fire and on the way out of town, Ora Klad contacts Yenward and they form an alliance to overthrow the Dwarves and share the mountain once the war is over.

They finally leave Winterhaven and stop in Aubrey on their way to Durnhollow. Yenward finds Clarissa in the street and Duncan hems her robes after she trips on them yet again. The group decides to stay the night in Aubrey and discuss their next move.

Post episode tag: Carter talks to Marcus and promotes him to the rank of Commander. He is then sent to Esterholt to help clean up the crime problem in an attempt to gain favor with the government and help with recruitment for the Overwatch.


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Release date: 08 Jul 2014 - Download the Episode

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08 Jul 2014