Arc 1 - Episode #066

For Whom The Bell Tolls

General Summary

After the events of episode 64, Fie, Jadzia, Ironhide, Vallus and Una who is carrying Brie's body leave the city and stop to see the clerics from Aubrey. Una asks them to cast Gentle Repose on the corpse to give them a few days to get to Esterholt where they plan to somehow resurrect her. Shortly after leaving the clerics they encounter Liara on the road, who was on her way to Winterhaven to see if the Warforged there had all died as well. They awkwardly tell her that Briahna died fighting Ian and the mood shifts as Liara becomes more focused on getting her back. They mount up and soon pass a group of thugs that seem to recognize them as they pass. Una antagonizes them and soon they are pursued by Cecil and his gang. After a brief altercation and some intimidation, Cecil leaves quickly and the party gets to Aubrey without further incident.

Once there, they hatch a very convoluted plan to have Fie impersonate a local delivery driver named Rusty in order to slip past the Overwatch checkpoint outside of Esterholt. Artimus agrees to give them a wagon full of cargo and introduces them to Rusty.

Without much effort, the group makes it past the checkpoint and to the Temple of Kord. Una is met by Craig who seems to know why the group has arrived and tries to talk Una out of attempting the fight the Angel of Death. He is unsuccessful in his plea for her to stop but tells her what she can expect and how low her odds are. Liara and Fie step up to help with the fight, much to Una's dismay but together they step into the chamber Una summons the Angel and the fight quickly escalates as it summons Skeletal Death Guards to help it fight. Fie and Liara separate from Una to take down the guards while Una tries in vain to do some damage to the Angel. As the fight rages on, Fie runs to help Una while Liara is left to fend for herself against wave after wave of skeletons. Fie quickly and with help from the power of Kord's Gale, takes the Angel down enough that Una can finally land a big hit and it surrenders and stops the fight. The Angel of Death bestows Una with the power of resurrection and the doors open to the chamber, allowing access to the rest of the party who were waiting anxiously for a sign that the fight was over.

They all decide to rest for the night before trying to resurrect Brie, as the process could possible do a lot of damage to Una. The group gathers are Jadzia's house to perform the ritual and Briahna returns to the world of the living but no one knows quite what condition she may really be in.


Notable Kills

  • Angel of Death, killed by Una

Locations Visited


  • Rusty sounds like Wilford Brimley, and as expected it is canon that he has "the Diabeetus"

Player Characters

Release date: 07 Jul 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
07 Jul 2014