Arc 1 - Episode #065

The Pack

General Summary

The party approaches Lochfort as night is falling and most, aside from Rikus head for the inn, while the latter goes to the tavern. The characters talk and discuss their motivations at this point to try and decide where they will go.

Rikus talks to the bartender, John and learns of Lochforts werewolf troubles. He then meets Captain Patsy who tells him the story of Trevor McBride, a former citizen of town turned werewolf who has been terrorizing the area. Rikus feels he needs to help these people and later approaches the party members with this information. They agree to sleep on it before making a decision but several members are clearly hesitant to help. In the morning, they take a vote to decide whether to help the town and eventually they all decide it is the right thing to do, but Baranith offers the most resistance to the plan, fearing for their lives.

Patsy offers up some healing potions and the group heads into the forest. After tracking the werewolves for a while, Trixy offers up her best wolf howl and a large pack emerges from the trees and attacks the party. .

Rikus is the first to be overwhelmed and fall in combat and is quickly healed by Baranith. He is pounced on again soon after and killed. Trevor targets Baranith with a huge pounce and knocks her to the ground.

Trixy manages to blind several of the wolves but Baranith falls to one of the still sighted wolves and everyone agrees that running is the best option. Daegon manages to get a potion to Baranith before teleporting out of the area, Khoury casts a last ditch spell and makes her escape while Trixy leaps to relative safety as Baranith is once again knocked down and is killed by the other werewolves.


Notable Kills

  • Rikus, killed by a werewolf
  • Baranith, killed by a werewolf

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 04 Jul 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
04 Jul 2014