Arc 1 - Episode #059

Getting To Know You

General Summary

Following the failed attack on the White Raven's headquarters and apparent desertion by Aralove and Mason, Marcus makes his way back to the Overwatch but stops along the way to send Sergeant Baker and his men to the cave to finish what he couldn't.

Meanwhile, Mason and Aralove talk to Poe and agree to defend the cave but after that they aren't sure what they will do.

Marcus, back at Overwatch discovers Mason's family home is empty and decides that Mason planned to defect all along and warned his family to get out of the city. He then meets with Rebecca Barant, one of the three council members who are in charge while King Carter is away. Marcus convinces her that Commander Tenbolt is also a traitor by using forged documents to implicate him and he waits in her office for her to confer with the other council members.

By this time, Sergeant Baker and his men arrive at the cave and are met with stiff resistance from the few capable Ravens, Poe, Aralove and Mason. Within moments of the attack beginning, 30 recruits lay dead and Mason kills Baker with an arrow from across the battlefield. The remaining recruits retreat and the surviving Ravens hold the entrance, awaiting another wave of Overwatch soldiers.

While Marcus is waiting in the council office he see's Tenbolt being escorted in shackles out of his building. Council Barant returns and informs him that they have decided to deal with Tenbolt in teh traditional way and Marcus watches the hanging from a nearby location.


Notable Kills

  • Sergeant Baker, killed by Mason

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 13 May 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
13 May 2014
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